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Welcome Bride Assist

Welcome Bride Assist

To Start off our 2015 year we want to tell you about Bride Assist and the  reasons you need it to be a part of your wedding day!



Bride ~brīd/noun – a woman on her wedding day or just before and after the event.

Assist ~as·sist~ əˈsist/verb – help (someone), typically by doing a share of the work.


Put them together and what do you have, Bride Assist!  The person assigned to help a bride take on anything and everything that is her wedding day. This means last minute pins, lips, pickups, dropoffs, coffee runs – this means for one day, and one day only, you have a personal assistant. There are so may amazing and exciting perks that come from this necessity!


With no more then a word on the street, Andy has already started to book Bride Assist on the schedule this year! We ask our friends to please spread the word of Bride Assist! It is important to Andy that a bride feels and looks her best on her wedding day and is not distracted from that in any way, Bride Assist! assures the bride of a few less things to worry about.


If you are interested in booking a bride assist for your wedding day contact, Andy at or me at 619-729-4587. Let’s sit down and talk about your day.


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