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Bride Assist San Diego
Bride Assist San Diego

It’s Time To Add Bride Assist to Your Day! | Bride Assist San Diego

Yep. You may need us. Frankly speaking, 9 out of every 10 brides enjoys hours of  “wedding day sh#tshow” before the ceremony.  Yes, even when you have best-y friend bridesmaids. Yes, even when you have mom. Yes, even when you have the best coordinator on the planet. Yes, yes, yes.


All you have to do is add Bride Assist and one of our lovely assistants will magically appear to your getting ready location just at the right time to begin and personally assist you. She’ll be there to save your morning, and stay until after she has brought you your “first” adult beverage upon entering the reception.  We already know the picture timeline and the best time to begin.


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Avoid a Wedding Day Sh*tshow!

We don’t want to be a downer here, but here goes nothing. Most brides run between 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hours late putting the dress on the day of their wedding. Ceremonies, normally start on time, receptions normally start on time, but getting to the point that the dress can go on will likely be very late. The reason/s…everything under the sun. The result is stress and rushed, or possibly no bride/bridal party pictures before the ceremony. Likewise, if the couple has planned a “first look” to do all of their pictures before the ceremony…likely, nope…because as soon as the bride is ready to go, the guests have arrived and she must remain hidden.  Now all of the pictures will take place after the ceremony. The most important pictures, the bride & groom,  will be taken after the family pictures, after the full wedding party pictures, after the bridesmaids pictures, and after the bridal pictures. So much for those fun, spontaneous pictures.


Too often, brides rely on family and friends to help carry out plans on the day of their wedding. By asking a friend or family member to take on this stressful task, that person will not be able to enjoy the event as a guest and will end up feeling like “event staff.” Also, wedding planners & coordinators have a VERY  tasking role to play on and before a wedding day. There is a common misconception that a wedding coordinator or planner is supposed to be at the bride’s side for some, most, or all of her wedding day. This is not the case, as they are busily about making every other aspect of their day perfect.


That’s where Bride Assist comes in! Let us help. It’s the sole responsibility of Bride Assist to be on scene to assist the bride with whatever situation may arise.


Anything as SIMPLE as holding her train as she walks from location to location – to finding the bouquets & pinning boutonnieres on the groomsmen – to running to fetch her lipstick, water, glass of wine, or beer – to the NOT SO SIMPLE job of intercepting phone calls from relatives and guests…all morning/afternoon long, gathering all of your belongings because you just realized you won’t be returning to the getting ready room and it’s check out time, fixing the air conditioning situation in the getting ready room that has persisted for hours, giving you a lift to your ceremony because your busy bridesmaids left you stranded, and the problem solving list goes on (all actual stories). Think of us as your personal assistant.

Hindsight is 20/20. Ask a future bride if they will need help on their wedding day and the answer is likely a “No.” Ask a past bride if she needed help on her wedding day, and you’ll likely receive a “Hell, yes.” Don’t be a sh*tshow on your wedding day!

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